Welcome - Camp Is My Parish

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Welcoming to the Parish

John Wesley took the call of Christ to heart. He went onto the highways to proclaim the gospel with great blessing from God. It is in Wesley’s view that we reach out into the community to youth. For when we spend time living as Christ calls with others, they cannot help but see a living witness. Our view is changed from a service or a job but to a parish: Our lives the sermon, our praise the hymns, and our prayers the invocation of God. We do not fish with bait we like but with the bait the fish like. So, it is with youth. Fish with a program that opens the door to fellowship and growth and program which challenges and stretches. A place with absolute acceptance and yet expectation. A place… to be and be seen. That is what our community youth outreach ministry does. It becomes the church for many who would never come in otherwise. Our parish is in the camp and beyond. We take youth to hear the rocks cry out. It is not camping but amping!

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The Benefits of the Camp Parish

We all need time to practice our faith. The camp parish is an open practice field.

  • A break from the daily routine
  • A time to learn to grow with others
  • Long term opportunity to develop
  • Character based education and skills
  • Program with God included
  • Meeting youth where they are

    A youth led program will naturally grow. There is a hunger in young people to step into challenging places. They will succeed. They will fail. The task is to fail well. Other youth see the effort and are drawn to the experience. They see growth and want to grow as well.

  • Building character that lasts

    Each partner is highly vetted for the successful results of their program. The research shows that participants will grow in confidence, resilience, and leadership.

  • Faith moments

    The walls hold back the witness. Time outdoors and with the group open conversations. Trust is built and life lived together. In the best moments and our worst, we can see God in each other’s lives. We have conversations that mark eternity.