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Community is the people around you. It is the unique personality of interactions and local experiences that make a community. Churches have been at the heart of community for a long time. They still have that opportunity as they serve. When a church serves because the people believe in the mission, those around them see it. Those served will find a place and serve as well. The people of the community become the people of the church who are passionate about mission. This passion makes the community better. When communities do better the church does too.

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Connecting to Community

  • Serving where we live
  • Builds a stronger connection
  • Helps those within our community
  • Grows the heart of the church
  • Serving in Community

    Service is the heart of the community youth outreach programs. service opens doors for youth and their families. It builds today and tomorrow.

  • Connecting in Community

    Building stronger ties builds empathy and a network. The community becomes a family. Members of the community learn they can rely on each other and share together.

  • Staying safe in Community

    Evaluating each partner for safety practices and vetting is a key part of being responsible. We not only evaluate the individual programs but stay engaged with professionals in the youth protection field. The partners are more engaged in protection of youth in their programs. Youth growth and programs are all they do.