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Our Introductions

Welcome to Camp Is My Parish

Equipping pastors and ministry leaders to connect the local church with the community.

  • Connectional – opens the door to a vetted church network.
  • Community - connects youth and the church
  • Learning - trails to help youth grow as a disciple
How We Can Help

Key Programs


The church becomes a place to share its values with the community and both become one.

Shepherd Church

The connection between scouting and your church campus. Safely embrace scouting and engage your community.

Learning Trails

Learning is a lifetime pursuit. We provide learning trails to help leaders grow in faith and ministry.

How Will You Connect?

Now is your opportunity to open the doors.

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The Benefits

Why Connect?

The community of scouting is developing leaders and youth every day. Becoming a part of this vibrant ministry is simple. Just open your doors and offer hospitality.

  • Shepherd Church Network
  • Training and Support
  • Resources and Safety
Connect your Church

You don't have to be actively involved in Scouting. Just willing to open your doors to the community all around you.

Connect Now
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Frequently Asked Question

Got Question?

  • What do you mean by Scouting Ministries?

    Scouting Ministries is an essential community youth outreach ministry. We share time and a faith filled walk while investing in youth.

  • Who are our outreach partners?

    We gratefully partner with Girl Scouts of the USA, Boy Scouts of America, and Big Brothers Big Sister. Other partners are being evaluated and sought regularly.

  • Why have a community youth outreach ministry?

    The church has been greying for decades. Yet the desire for a spiritual life and connection has not changed. Through outreach ministries, we open the door for youth to grow in character and faith. The church may grow in the process as well.