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As Methodist, we are known as a connectional people. The concept is within our spiritual DNA. Connection allows for communication, sharing, and growth in a broad fashion. God has given a diversity of gifts. Each congregation will have a personality yet when these come together ministry grows even stronger. For many youth serving ministries, their opportunity to connect with other groups can be limited. Summer camps or big activities once or twice a year miss the opportunity to grow even more. We help put more fuel on the fire of ministry through connecting. Join us and have more fun!

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Benefits of Connecting

There are a multitude of benefits from connecting.

  • Vetted connections and resources for ideas
  • Vetted places to stay a night while traveling long distances
  • New activities for growing
  • Meeting new people
  • Faith Connections

    With a diverse range of youth in the ministry, you may not be an expert in all the faiths and family dynamics present. But having a wide connection can support you as you help others grow. It also helps you grow.

  • Vetted Places

    A large cost and challenge can be where to spend the night on a long trip. What if you had a list available of vetted, safe churches to spend the night at? The gym, the fellowship hall, youth room or Scout hut are all places designed for use. It is time to use them.