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Learning Trails

Life is a process of learning. The Learning Trails are opportunities for leaders and disciples to continue to grow in areas they serve as well as feed curiosity. The structure of the learning trails mimics a hike. Some will seek the destination for the grand view. Others will find the flowers and salamanders along the path fascinating. Each is designed to give perspective and skills. One trail cannot get you there. To really experience a life of growth, you need to experience new trails. Come an hike with us as we explore together. We have much to share and to learn together.

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Picking a Trail

Each trail (learning path) will give you a skill or perspective to put in your pocket and use. Choose to follow longer paths that lead to a level of expertise or take short trails until you find your interest.

  • Essential learning for serving locally
  • Skills for personal growth
  • Mentoring
  • Protecting youth
  • Opportunities to learn that are not available elsewhere
  • Short hikes

    Learning trails that give specific tools that are quick and easy to learn. The value is in learning through the short session with the ability to come back and review.

  • Extended trips

    These trails will put multiple skill sets together. They open a door for growth that challenges and builds. The expectation is the more you put in the more you get out.

  • Summits

    Summit trails will open paths of learning that require a dedicated effort. There will be multiple learnings, expected projects, reflection, and maybe interdisciplinary. Those who choose to summit, will be able to take the long view back to where they came from (way down there). The twists and turns will share new insights throughout the process.